Low fees,
higher returns

Moneyfarm powered by AllianzGI enables you to invest in a portfolio of funds with institutional share class prices, savings up to 50% on fund management fees compared to usual retail investment funds.

One transparent and fair fee structure for Allianz employees in the UK

Advisory and Discretionary
Management Fee

Per year on the invested amount

Including all trading, platform, custodian,
subscription and withdrawal fees
Average fund
Management fee

Per year on the invested amount

Fund management fee range: between
35bps and 80bps p.a. per underlying mutual fund

No set up or subscription fees

We never charge you for opening an account.

No trading fees

We never charge an additional commission or fee for making transactions.

No obligations

We allow you to withdraw or unsubscribe from our service whenever you want, with no penalty and at no extra cost.

How we stack up

One year. A £50,000 investment. Four different management approaches. See how Moneyfarm powered by AllianzGI compares.