How are we looking
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Moneyfarm powered by AllianzGI employs an evidence-based investment process tailored to your investor profile.

Moneyfarm powered by AllianzGI
investment process:


Capital Market Assumptions: Experienced portfolio managers at Allianz Global Investors use a scientific approach to predict the long term development in a range of asset classes across different financial markets, and calculate the expected level of return for each market.


Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA): Portfolio managers from Allianz Global Investors take the capital market assumptions to create the optimal mix of asset classes for the given investor’s risk profiles and investment objectives. (Some investors are willing to take higher risk to have a greater chance of achieving higher return for their investment).


Fund Selection: Allianz Global Investors’ fund selection specialists pick the best funds for each asset class in the SAA from a broad investment universe. Each underlying fund is managed by experienced fund managers at Allianz, who select the most promising securities within each fund to optimize fund performance.


Review & Implementation: These portfolios of funds are then reviewed by Moneyfarm’s Investment Committee, who will validate the suitability of the proposed investment strategy and portfolio structure before implementing the investments.


Rebalancing & on-going management: All Moneyfarm powered by AllianzGI portfolios are monitored round-the-clock by a team of experts. They track the performance of your portfolio against your investment target. Our team will rebalance your portfolios to ensure they stay on track, as well as to capture opportunities in the market to enhance your investment return.